Bloody Knights name their first Player of the Week...

#3 Isaiah Eddings


A first-year soccer player who previously played baseball since 5 years old with the Manhattan Beach Pony League, Isaiah decided to switch to soccer after discovering most of his friends were playing soccer and loving it.
Isaiah attends Alta Vista Elementary in Redondo Beach as a 4th grader this year.  This 9-year old's favorite subjects are math and spelling and he already loves his teacher Ms. Washburn.  Although he is extremely shy, therefore finding being interviewed kind of tough, he makes friends easily and is very social.
Isaiah is an only child who lives with Mom and is named for a prominent prophet in the King James Bible (Isaiah) and his maternal grandfather (Howard Lee Eddings), who died before Isaiah was born.  Isaiah's Grandpa was a great man who accomplished many goals in his lifetime, including attaining a Bachelor's degree while he was a husband and parent.  With three daughters and no sons, there was no one to carry on the family name.  It didn't bother Grandpa, but it always bothered Isaiah's Mom, so Isaiah's Mom remedied that by giving Isaiah's Grandpa's full name:  Isaiah "Howard Lee Eddings".
At the first soccer practice of the Bloody Knights, Isaiah decided that soccer would now be his favorite sport.  He says it's exciting because of plenty of action and you don't have to wait around for the ball to come to you, you go to the ball.  He also likes the way Coach Carl keeps him in touch when he should be handling the ball.
Isaiah played his first ever soccer game this past Saturday, September 10 at Tulita Elementary.  He was worried because he doesn't yet know the rules as well as the others and was concentrating very hard to keep up with his team mates and not let them down.  When the most fantastic thing that could happen happened (as far as Isaiah is concerned) and he kicked a field goal for the team, he said it was the best feeling in the world and if it never happens again, he knows what it feels like now.  He also thought it was nice of Coach Henry of the other team to congratulate him.
Being a boy of few words and too shy to express his excitement at the game, he got into the car with his Mom after the game, smiled hugely with shining eyes and said, "Did you see that Mom?  That was so cool"...
Isaiah thinks that kids with brothers and sisters are lucky and that makes him popular with the younger siblings of his friends.  Isaiah is not only just an only child, he is also the only nephew, boy cousin, grandson and great-grandson on either side of his family.  When asked what others say most about him, Isaiah replied, "that I'm a nice kid with manners."  What Isaiah hates most about his life?  Getting a haircut, which happens at least twice a month because he hates grooming his hair.  He says he's thinking of growing dreadlocks to avoid the haircuts.  Who else is special in Isaiah's life?  his "Big Brother" from Big Brothers of America, Justin Simon, who Isaiah thinks is the "coolest" and has a wonderful relationship with.  Justin and Isaiah get together at least twice a month to do "guy things" and have "guy talks."  Other extra-curricular activities:  Isaiah is a 4th year Cub Scout, now a Webelos (one more year to the Boy Scouts), and loves the camping, den meetings, and outings involved with scouting and hopes to become an Eagle Scout someday.  What does he want to be when he grows up:  President of the United States and/or a fireman and/or a policeman. And what does Coach Carl have to say about this player:  "Isaiah is fast and alert, always ready to make the play. While he is new to this game, he has all the potential of being a real play maker. We are going to use his speed and ability on break-out plays designed to quickly control the attacking end of the field. Isaiah has the one thing that you can never teach a player..a burning desire!".  That's the wonderful thing about being a kid, you can dream big and make those dreams come true if you have an effective plan and follow it through.  Have a great season Isaiah!!! 
Favorite color:  Orange
Favorite sport:  Soccer
Pets:  Two beta fish named Laurel and Hardy
Best School Subjects:  Math and Spelling
Favorite downtime activity:  Legos and marbles (he has tons of both)
Favorite Comedy Team:  The Three Stooges

Joy Eddings - Bloody Knights Staff Editor