#5 Trevor La Shure of the Bloody Knights Named Player of the Week

Joy Eddings
BK Staff Editor
October 2, 2005

A third-grader who lives for soccer and has been playing since he was five years old, Trevor hails from the tri-beach area with Mom, Dad, and older brother Chasen.  Pets: a cat and a Chinchilla. People usually describe Chinchillas either as looking like chubby squirrels with big ears or as having a rabbit's body with mouse ears.  Either way they're cute as buttons. But I digress. Trevor loves soccer!!!  Favorite sport:  Soccer!!!  What does he want to be when he grows up: a professional soccer player!!!  Favorite thing to do when he has down time:  practice soccer!!! What he likes most about his life right now: soccer!!! Other extra-curricular activities: He once played t-ball a long, long, time ago. Favorite Color:  Red.  Favorite School Subject:  Math.

It was a pleasure to speak with Trevor.  Did I mention that he loves soccer!!!  He has excellent phone etiquette, gave me his undivided attention while answering my questions with confidence.  Good luck Trevor with the rest of this soccer season and many to come and we look forward to seeing you in the big leagues!!!

What does Coach Carl have to say about Trevor: Trevor is one of those players you can use anywhere on the field...effectively. He is a very smart and aggressive player with great ball control and excellent dribbling skills. He seems to always know where to be, where to go and the best way to get there. Yet, with all his talents, he still knows how to share the ball utilizing his thoughtful passing skills. Trevor puts out 120%, every game, all the time. He has a great personality and is a very likable person. The BK are grateful to have Trevor as a member of our squad. And no doubt, this boy does love soccer!