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There is now a place on the web for AYSO Region 34 team sites.

Using an automated `Team Website Builder', you can keep players, coaches and parents updated on the latest team news, practice and game schedules, field directions, game photos, and much more. Contains an easy link to Region 34's main web site.

Its easy, fast and no programming required...a great project for a team parent.

Come visit our site now at

You will need a login and password to see Rosters and other secured information, use the following Username/Email:  and Password: region34 when requested.

Special Features:*

Display Your Own Ad Banners
This is a great way to advertise your business or sell sponsor ads to earn money for your team.You are unlimited to the amount of ad banners you may place in rotation on your web site pages. You also have the ability to place a priority on each ad, so one ad displays more than another ad.
Message Cast
A broadcast phone message service available to all web sites. Now reaching out to your team, league or group is even easier. Right from your web site administration, you can configure groups of your site members, type in your messages and deliver them as telephone calls to everyone you choose...anytime you want. Additional fees apply. T
he rate is incrementally charged at $.15 per minute with a minimum charge of $.15 per call. For example, the rate to send a one minute message to your team of 10 players would be $1.50. Sending a one minute thirty second message to the same 10 players would cost $2.25.


Send email invites directly from your administration account to track attendance for games, practices or any event. You will be provided with a report to view responses and who has yet to reply.

Message Boards
Add multiple message boards (by category) to your web site. Your site visitors and members can post questions, news, debate, whatever. Note: You will have the ability to remove any unwanted or unnecessary posts.

Chat Room
Have a live chat with your site visitors and members. The chat room is unlimited to the amount of users. All you need is an user account (which is free) to login.

Player Stats
Post up individual players stats. An easy-to-use stat form is available to you when scoring results. Stats are displayed cumulatively on the web site.

Email Distribution Lists
Create email lists (from your current site members) to easily contact a specific group of people when you need.

Recurring Scheduling
Have several practices or events that occur on the same day each week or month? Use the recurring scheduling tool to easily add them all at once to your schedules or calendar.

Print A Page
You and site visitors can print a clean copy of your schedules, calendars, standings or rosters directly from your web site pages.

Popup Notifications
Have something you need to get out immediately and bring to any site visitor's attention? Use the Popup Notification, which will display to any site visitor when they first come to your site.

Section Specific Image Resizing
Images showing up to large on your site? No problem. When adding an image to a particular section on your site, resize the height and width with ease.

Upload File Size Limit
No restriction on file sizes. Each team site is allowed 20 MB of storage space (additional space can be purchased in 20 MB
increments, $19.95/annum or $4.95/month).

ONLY $79.95 per Team

Come and Join Us...Fill out the form below or purchase on-line and start building now!

Team Administrator
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First Name: ____________________   MI: ____  Last Name: ________________________

Email: _____________________________ (This will be used to send your login information).

Team Division (e.g. U-8): ___________________

Team Name: _______________________ (If you don't know, anything will do for now)

Enclose check or money order payable to Easy Place, Inc. ($79.95 per Team).

Mail to: Easy Place, Inc.
              Box 337
              Lomita, CA 90717

             Att: LA Soccer Kids

Questions?   Contact:  Carl at 310-833-6674

Web site development tools and network are provided by, a division of The Active Network, Inc. Region 34 League site maintenance and administration is provided by and is not affiliated with AYSO Region 34. Websites can be administered for 1 year from purchase date. Modifications after the initial year will require an annual renewal fee of $79.95. All non-renewed sites will remain online with limited functionality and limited storage space (5 MB) providing the annual confirmation request (sent to the team administrator) is returned to LASoccerKids at the email address provided. Any new teams added in subsequent seasons will qualify administrator to re-activate (administrate) a previous LASoccerKids team for an additional year at no additional cost. 

* Any of these features can be disabled by the Team Administrator.